Lighting Upgrades: Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered

Can you shop a Lighting Upgrade?

How can you be assured you are getting a good bargain?

So, you discovered the great energy saving and variety of other benefits available to you right under your ceiling and you want to complete your project. Maybe management asked you to check the pricing or possibly you want to ensure you have the best value. Having been directly involved in numerous upgrades over the years, and fortunate enough to have helped many customers achieve successful upgrades, I have learned a few things which may help you. I have also lost my share of upgrades which has also helped me to avoid situations that are ripe to make a good project go bad.

Note an old, prudent, Wall Street saying which applies, “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered”.

It’s prudent and normal to want a good deal and that is a sound business practice; however, if taken too far it can compromise your whole upgrade. The point is greed can kill a good deal when it gets reduced to inferior products, shoddy workmanship, and off track from your original agreed to objectives. 

Here are 10 tips and must follow guidelines about defining objectives, how to do your audit, handle pricing and evaluating your project to get the best value. This is a must read and full of good information.  Simply request it below and it will come straight to your e-mail and all at no cost. 

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