Rebates & Financing


Get help to capture local, state, and Federal Rebates that are available to encourage customers to use highly efficient technology. We handle the entire rebate process including finding the incentives, and optimizing your upgrade equipment to get the best rebates.



Rebates are fickle and they come and go. In some cases, it is like finding Waldo as they vary from not only State to State but by utility. Rebates can typically help improve your payback by 20-35%; Partner with us to help you navigate and get the best rebates for your projects and company.

Lighting as a Service Capital Lease
This option is a popular new way for customers to upgrade their lighting systems at no out-of-pocket cost.  I can offer you a program where you can update your property with the newest technology, enjoy better lighting, and lower utility bills with no capital outlay or risk. Warranty labor can also be included to offer you up to 10 years of maintenance free lighting.

Lighting As a Service 
This is another version we offer where the service provider maintains the ownership and warranty responsibility of the lighting systems for term of the agreement. All features are similar to the Capital Lease except ownership and end of term arrangements. Both are good programs and we customize per best interest of the customer.