MRO Lighting Program is next best thing to an upgrade

MRO Lighting Program is next best thing to an upgrade

Customers reap the most benefits when they complete lighting upgrades for their spaces and buildings. When they do this, they sort of exit the lighting supply business as lamps, ballasts, etc. will not be needed anymore or for a long time.

While very well worth it, turnkey upgrades do require time, effort, and a cash investment unless financed. For various reasons, some folks are just not ready now. Well, the next best thing to take advantage of is a convenient, efficient, smart lighting supply program to deal with your current needs and you can get one at great prices.

(By the way, MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, Operating) Check out the MRO page link below and you can contact me for help, a quote, or just to explore ways to get your usage under control.

You won’t find a better way to source your lights. See the details and reply back with your Top 5 items; Read more at

MLS Shares Plans for Forest Lighting and LEDVANCE Integration

MLS Shares Plans for Forest Lighting and LEDVANCE Integration

MLS, the parent company of LEDvance (Formerly Sylvania) and Forest Lighting is integrating Forest into Ledvance lines. LEDvance will have management responsibility.  All products to be conveniently available through LEDvance in the near future covering a wide range of fixtures and lamps. More info later. Reach out for more info if interested and read CEO letter below..


Source: lightED        November 19, 2018

Below is a letter that Forest Lighting shared with its customers last Friday regarding MLS integrating Forest Lighting and LEDVANCE. Ledvance will have management responsibility and Forest product lines will be merged into LEDvance.  This makes LEDvance stronger and helps reduce costs, Reach out if you need more information.

Dear Forest Lighting Customer:

November 16, 2018

As a trusted customer, I am writing to inform you of company developments at Forest Lighting.

As you know, MLS is the global parent company of both LEDVANCE and Forest Lighting. In order to maximize efficiencies, MLS has decided to integrate these two businesses in the United States and Canada with LEDVANCE having operating management responsibilities. MLS’ motivation is to accelerate product development, reduce internal costs, and most importantly improve service to our important distribution partners.

While alignment plans, including branding, resources and product portfolio, are in development, current Forest Lighting products will continue to be available for purchase while supplies last, and you will soon be able to purchase our products from “LEDVANCE”.

The SYLVANIA general lighting portfolio is a result of a proud legacy of over 100 years of lighting experience in North America, and I am excited to share with you these innovations and additional synergies. Please contact me if you have questions, and I will keep you posted on transition news.


Jian Ni
Chief Operating Officer, Forest Lighting




Not yet but, Let’s face it!; the replacement lighting market is going away to the tune of 12% per year as LED takes over our sockets.  Market experts say it will dwindle each year; however, still exist in a viable manner until around 2028, say 8-10 years.  If your savvy, you have started to upgrade to LED; Perhaps you have not started yet for whatever reason; no money, too busy, bad experience with a cheap import…whatever. Sooo you still need legacy lamps like halogen, HID, Ceramic Metal Halide and all those other lamp types. Who ya gonna call…?

Consider calling me as I have one of the finest replacement lighting supply programs available with FSG.; I will set you up with special pricing, the best suggestions, and maybe even mix in some LED to upgrade gradually.  Save money, get expert advice, get quick delivery anywhere in USA, track your usage,  and get the best prices on the leading, trusted brands you want. Did you know your top 5 lamps represent about 74% of your needs; Let’s start with those…Simply check this out and reach out to get started here at   Thanks.

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