Turnkey & Associated Additional Lighting Services

1) Complimentary Lighting Assessments & Site Visits: Free brief assessments and client discussions are available. Depending upon your project, we may start with a 20-minute phone call or a personal meeting depending on your project. Most projects will require a site visit where we take complete counts and pictures of each room and or for each of your buildings.

2) Cost and System Comparisons with ROI and Payback: Get professional help to compare multiple lighting systems to pick the best one. Energy and operating costs as well as annual and lifecycle costs can be prepared for you.

3) Lighting Installation: Installation only is also available if you already have the fixtures. Contact me for details.

4) Group Relamping Programs: Full conversion to LED or simply a relamp for any property. This would be helpful going from fluorescent to linear LED or TLED lamps.
5) Lighting Maintenance: Scheduled regular maintenance programs, on call, or emergency programs are available for one or all your location.

6) Lighting Consultation & Recommendations: Consult with me for the latest in lighting as well as how to plan your lighting upgrade with a seamless and smooth program.

7) Lighting Trial and Mock-Up including installation: Try before you buy and mock-up installations can be arranged with several manufacturers depending on your project and fixtures. Typical trial is 1-4 fixtures for 30 days and then fixtures can be returned or invoiced. This is a good way to evaluate the fixtures in your indoor or outdoor environment.

8) Warranty and Post Sales Services: Typical warranties are: Lamps: 15,000 – 60,000 hours depending on style. Fixtures: 5 year or 10 Year depending on brand

9) Measurement & Verification: M & V is available if needed for rebates or other purposes.