Source: The Legal Examiner     By Craig Kelley

Comments from Ralph: Wow; 250 Christmas Tree fires and 14 deaths; it’s unfortunate and can be prevented. These days, whether you like the miniature, larger C7 style, white, colors or blinking; you can get them in LED.  Makes good sense to switch for many reasons and add safety to the list. Buy a quality brand and you can enjoy them for many years.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Inserra Kelley Sewell

In recent years many holiday revelers have switched from old-fashioned Christmas Lighting to replacing their old strings of lights with LED lights.  The author of this blog has first-hand knowledge of replacing her strings of light with LED lights. Three years ago, my husband, son and I had decorated our house and just wrapped our string of light around our tree and when we plugged in the lights nothing worked.  We were really frustrated and sad and at that moment we decided to be safe and switch to LED lights. We had our old strings of lights for over ten years. We always get a real Christmas Tree and the thought of hot lights starting our tree on fire was scary. We also have pets and did not want them to suffer injuries playing with old lights on our tree.  There are 250 Christmas tree fires a year resulting in 14 deaths each year.

At Inserra Kelley Sewell we want you to have a safe, fun and happy holiday season.  If you are using old strings of lights that are not LED Lights,  think about making the switch to protect your family from harm.

(Craig Kelley is a partner with Inserra & Kelley, Attorneys At Law since 1993.)