Not yet but, Let’s face it!; the replacement lighting market is going away to the tune of 12% per year as LED takes over our sockets.  Market experts say it will dwindle each year; however, still exist in a viable manner until around 2028, say 8-10 years.  If your savvy, you have started to upgrade to LED; Perhaps you have not started yet for whatever reason; no money, too busy, bad experience with a cheap import…whatever. Sooo you still need legacy lamps like halogen, HID, Ceramic Metal Halide and all those other lamp types. Who ya gonna call…?

Consider calling me as I have one of the finest replacement lighting supply programs available with FSG.; I will set you up with special pricing, the best suggestions, and maybe even mix in some LED to upgrade gradually.  Save money, get expert advice, get quick delivery anywhere in USA, track your usage,  and get the best prices on the leading, trusted brands you want. Did you know your top 5 lamps represent about 74% of your needs; Let’s start with those…Simply check this out and reach out to get started here at   Thanks.

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