Source: by Sam O’Toole | Newschannel 3 WWMT

General Electric has recalled LED tube lamps exclusively sold a Lowe’s due to shock and electrocution hazard.

The recall involves GE Lighting’s two-pack tube lamps sold from approximately November 2017 through April 2018. The lamps are most often used in garages, basements, workshops and utility rooms.

The GE logo and model information is printed on a label near the tube’s base.

Consumers should immediately contact GE Lighting for instructions on safely removing the LED tube lamps. GE Lighting is also offering a refund in the form of a $17 gift card.

Consumers should make sure the light switch is “off” before attempting to change the LED tube lamps.

No injuries or incidents have been reported.

Comments:  LED failures can happen and I have always said to be careful of lighting purchased in home centers.  GE is a fine line and mistakes happen; good they caught it.  That said: In general, be careful about products purchased in a home center or big box store as far too often they are the lowest quality that a manufacturer offers.